Celebrate Zhineng Qigong Culture Day on 26th September!

Zhineng Qigong Culture Day is a day for a new human culture, a day for awakening consciousness and a day for universal love and a harmonious world. It is a public activity initiated by Harmonious Big Family and Zhineng Qigong teachers all over the world, as a non-profit event.

We propose that all Zhineng Qigong practitioners celebrate and practice on the 26th of September each year. This can greatly purify and intensify a worldwide positive qi field, consciousness field and information field; bring peace, harmony and awakening to humans, and also benefit the whole environment, plants and animals.

The purpose of Zhineng Qigong Culture Day:

  1. Bring health of body and mind to mankind;
  2. Awaken human consciousness to develop humans to a higher level;
  3. Spread universal love to create a peaceful and harmonious world.


  1. Consciously maintain one’s state: All practitioners try to stay in an aware, peaceful, happy and loving state throughout the day, while consciously connecting with others to form a strong global Zhineng Qigong consciousness field.
  2. Practice together: All the practitioners will follow the mp3 audios practice through taking part in a group, an online session or through one’s individual practice. Although practitioners live in different time zones, our identical shared information will connect, to go beyond time and space.
  3. Contribute your love heart: In a group, everybody gives love-hug healing to all the others, everybody helps others to resolve any problems, people can give group healing repeatedly to any sick person. If you connect with the world consciousness field individually, you can still find ways to support people around you and do good things for others.
  4. Free celebration activities in a group: sharing experiences, singing, dancing, a shared dinner – with everyone in as good a state as possible.

English version: http://www.daohearts.com/downloads/zhineng-qigong-culture-day-practice-free-download/

Types of activity:

  1. Group activity – local teachers and organisers bring practitioners together;
  2. Individuals practice through follow a audio which can be downloaded from above links.
  3. Two online sessions will be held at the time below.

Together practice time:

Chinese time (GMT +8) 3:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm on the 26th of September: for practitioners at Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa

Chinese time (GMT +8) 9:00 pm ~ 10: pm on the 26th of September: for practitioners at Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  Africa and Asia


Harmonious world

We are the pure consciousness

Comes from the universe

Heart to heart

Mind to mind

We support each other kindly

In the harmonious entirety

We learn from the beautiful nature

We learn from the great masters

True self and the Dao become one

The flower of wisdom opens splendid

We are in the aware present moment

Enjoy the peaceful and free life

Joy and smile are in our hearts

Many Daohearts merge together

Create the world harmonious big family

Love and the compassion flowing in the universe



A journey of Consciousness, qi and body growth

27 June—17 July 2016

Xi’an——– Xining——— Tibet


Meditate in strong qi field, merge with ancient culture, beautiful grass land, holy mountains, desolate desert, pure lake, blue sky and free clouds.

 Qigong practice:

1, Open lower dantian, hunyuan qiao, shenji palace space.

2, Loosen spine, strengthening central nervous system.

3, Practice breathing method to make inner qi strong.

4, training the aware entirety, present moment state in travel time, keep kong kong dang dang, huang huang hu hu, open heart merge into the beautiful nature and ancient culture to make a happy, healthy, free new life.

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Enjoying Taiji Spirals with my mate

Taiji Spirals with my Mate at the beach

What some of our NZ Qigong friends told us after they discovered these beautiful Taiji Spiral movements during Teacher Wei’s visit …

“Fantastic! Joy, joy, joy… I feel wonderful, I just feel so light and free when I practice these spirals!”

“I love Taiji Ball… I had a rotator cuff injury near my shoulder that has bothered me for the last two years and that I thought might always be there. It has improved remarkably since doing Taiji Ball and my range of movement is so much better after only ten weeks’ practice. I like the way I can do it for two minutes or for ten…”

Enjoying Spirals 2

“Taiji Ball to me is a bit like dancing and I tend to do it with music. I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel flexible. I am not sure what benefits it gives me apart from joy. I feel healthy and happy; that counts for a lot.”

“Jim and I both find Caterpillar and Taiji Ball very beneficial for increasing suppleness in the spine and hips. I have spinal injuries in both lumbar and neck areas, so it is hugely helpful in reducing pain and reducing the amount of headaches I get.”

Enjoying Spirals 3

“I have only been doing Taiji Ball for a couple of months but pretty much straight away found the rhythmic and smooth flow of the movements both soothing and beneficial. At 58 I had no idea just how many muscles I just wasn’t stretching or working with anymore so, after a class I am always pleased at how free my movements feel…”

Video of Teacher Wei demonstratingTaiji Ball:   http://youtu.be/3HQoIDuD4CQ

Video of Taiji Ball half speed, to help your practice:  https://youtu.be/yo3aVEWNINU

Central Otago Feb 2015 064

Beautiful New Zealand Stones

Recently the Chinese Ministry of Health have edited the Body Mind Form of Zhineng Qigong into the Traditional Chinese Medicine University teaching book. To celebrate this happy development, we share with you our treasured film clip of Teacher Wei practicing Body Mind Form in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Pukaki in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Together in this practice, let us enjoy the Universe’s purest Happiness…

Video of Body Mind Form and Meditation- (33 min )


After practicing Body Mind Form, we remain in the calm practice state and enter a deep meditation…

Enjoying Coastal Otago Feb 2015

One of the Qigong exercises we all really enjoyed learning while Teacher Wei was in New Zealand is called “Flying – Caterpillar”. Naturally we just had to reach for our cell phone again to capture Teacher Wei demonstrating these delightful and freeing movements.

We took a video clip from the back and one from the front. Now it’s our pleasure to share the clips with you (scroll down). For those of us who also prefer some instructions, we added Teacher Wei’s directions (below).

This Easter let’s offer a tonic to our life, our body, nourish our spine and find out how far our “Flying Caterpillar” wings can reach… We wish you pure Happiness at Easter and that you can be free, every day!

Hun Yuan Ling Tong

Harmony and your HBF online group

‘Flying – Caterpillar Movement’

Teacher Wei: “ When we practice Qigong our body should be flexible. Feeling our Consciousness…, also flexible. ‘In the present moment’… Feel nothing is fixed. Feel …, you are free.  Be like this…   Stand up, legs to shoulder width. Push Mingmen backward. Then forward. Backward…, forward…

Spine and legs move together, like a big wave. The whole body like a big wave. This movement comes mainly from mingmen. It also opens the sacroiliac joints.

Freely! Do it freely. At the beginning we can do it a little faster. Don’t ‘hold’ your body. Relax and let it naturally move. Only move the spine, shoulder blades follow the movement.

Feel the mingmen, spine and legs movements all harmonise together. Open more. Flexible… Larger Push mingmen backward as far as possible, then forward as far as possible… Through the backward and forward movement we open and loosen our spine. We gather Qi energy into the spine. We bend our knees and lean backward…

Raising up, push mingmen. Gradually forward…, our legs raise up…, we are very lazy. Use this kind of feeling…

Now we add the arms. We move the whole body. Look, arms draw a spiral movement. Shoulders rotate, elbows rotate, wrists rotate…

Go out to the horizon, push, push, push to the front,…expand and spiral, rotate all those joints. When your hands go to the front, mingmen just pushes backward. You can feel the arms push forward.

You can feel stretching of the spine. Open spine. These are two powers. One goes forward and one goes backward.

Then hands come back and mingmen comes back and they meet together, in lower dantian. Then go forward, the two separate again. One goes forward and one goes backward. One opens to the horizon…

Then draw back and close in… It is like flying. This kind of feeling… From the body inside expand. We close eyes, continue…

Feel the stretch, we open our spine. And open our chest, ribs, back, abdomen, open shoulder joints, elbows and wrists. Relax…

After a while we feel like we are turning into Qi, merge into the Universe. Hands in the clouds, with spirals they gather Qi back to dantian. Expand out from Inside, far away…

More and more relaxed. And the movement is smooth.

Like a big bird that opens it’s large wings, like an eagle. Or we can imagine a beautiful butterfly. Flying in the Universe freely and drawing the Universe energy deeply into mingmen… Our big wings cover the Universe…”

Video Clip of ‘Flying- Caterpillar’ from Back


Video Clip of ‘Flying- Caterpillar’ from Front