Hun Yuan Entirety Theory.

 The Hun Yuan Entirety Theory teaches us that everything is Qi in the universe. Usually, the word Qi only refers to the invisible energy. We need know that when we speak of Qi here that it is a big concept. The source of the universe is Qi, all the matter in the universe is Qi, all the energy is Qi. Qi includes the invisible existence and visible existence. When we start to learn Zhineng Qigong, first we need to accept this concept.

 Okay, now please close your eyes, use your hands holding a qi ball in front of you. Relax, come into the state of Qi, think and receive the information about Zhineng Qigong, Hun Yuan Entirety Theory. Everything in the universe is Qi. This is the very simple world view of Zhineng Qigong. This Qi includes three levels;


  1. 1.     Information level
  2. 2.     Energy or Qi level
  3. 3.     Matter level (material)


These three levels manifest on human life as our body, mind and our Qi. Now you think body, mind and your Qi energy. In fact, everything has these three levels; for example, a computer has information, energy and material. Those three levels always merge together, they are an entirety. Now we are an entirety.

In Chinese words, Body, mind and Qi are called “Jing, Qi, Shen”.  These words are from traditional Taoist culture. Taoist practitioners stress practicing merging these three together. Zhineng Qigong also uses these three words. We translate them into Body, mind and Qi.

 Now illuminate inside of you. Feel how many elements you have inside. The big aspects are three; 1. Mind. Mind is the master of you. Mind, consciousness, True Self, this is in one big level. This is the information level of human. Then you have a physical body. Now you can feel it is here. Inside and around you is your Qi field, your energy. Now you only have these three big levels existence. But these three levels merge together.

 If no Qi, the physical body will die. If no mind the body will die. If no physical body, for ordinary people, the mind cannot exist, you will also die. So these three are always together. These three are an entirety. When we practice qigong, we practice this entirety. This is a small entirety.

 In paranormal state, you will know everything is Qi in this entirety. The physical body is the state of Qi gathering. When the energy gathers and gathers, to a certain level, gradually it becomes the physical body, you can touch it and feel it. When your inner energy, your Qi refines and refines to a very pure degree, very very pure, inside your Qi will transform to your mind or Shen. Your Shen can control or master your qi and body. Qi and the mind draw the support from the physical body to exist. So these three always merge together, to affect each other.

 We know if our mind has some problem, emotions will be produced. If somebody triggers your mind, if you are unhappy, inside energy, Qi will change and be blocked. At the same time your physical body will also have some change. Some hormones will be produced and effect your life.

 If something triggers your energy, for example the weather is very cold, or hot, it will influence your energy. When your energy changes, your physical body will also have some reaction. Then your mind also follows to change, you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, happy or unhappy. This trigger is from Qi.

 If something triggers your physical body you will have some feelings that will directly influence the mind. If you feel pain, you will likely feel unhappy. If you eat too much food, the food triggers the inside of your body. The mind also will be influenced; if you feel unhappy, if you feel something is difficult your Qi will be influenced. Body mind and Qi have such a relationship. They are connected, they influence each other. They cannot leave each other for ordinary people. But if we practice qigong to a certain high level, the situation is different.

 This is our body, mind and Qi and they are a small entirety. But in the big entirety our life and the environment are one. We cannot leave the environment, we and the natural world are connected, we and society are connected, we and the universe are connected. This is a big entirety.

 Can you leave the natural world and still exist? No you cannot, because you are in this space, you are a part of this space. Can you leave society and still exist? It seems you can, but in fact you cannot, because you come from society your family, your father and mother. After you are born, if you didn’t live in society and had no contact with humans, for example you stayed in the forest or mountains with animals.  In this kind of situation, even though you have the foundation of a human, you can not be influenced by humans anymore, you just have a very simple reference framework, so you are like an animal, but not human. Because the being is very natural, is a part of nature, if you follow an animal, for example a wolf, tiger, or bear and go into the forest and do have no contact with humans, gradually you will have the characteristics of animal in a human body form.


This is what the Hun Yuan Entirety Theory teaches us about ourselves, our society, our environment and the universe.

Hun yuan ling tong!